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About Us

When our first-born son was about two years old, we watched the movie: “An Inconvenient Truth.”  We were rocked to the core! It motivated us to start living a greener lifestyle. Of course, as a family, we have not always been perfect, but we tried to “lean in,”  to gradually make more and more environmentally-friendly adjustments in our everyday life.  Imagine if everyone “leaned in” to a greener lifestyle, the impact we could make on our planet!

Then, while purchasing “green” products online, we noticed that often products came wrapped in plastic, or in a box not made of recycled materials. So we wondered, “How green are we being if this is how the items we purchase are being packaged?”

And just like that, One Green Tribe was born! The idea is to make our one human family greener, one tribe at a time. We work hard to find useful, fun, reasonably-priced, quality-made sustainable products. All of our products are shipped to you in the greenest, most environmentally-friendly fashion possible, complete with biodegradable packaging, and boxes made of 98% recycled material. And we try to stock our shelves with USA-made products whenever possible!

Our hope is to create a place where you can purchase products for your home and family with the peace of mind of knowing that they contain no known toxic ingredients and that they are being sent to you in a way that has a minimal impact on our planet. 

Lean in and welcome to our tribe!

Laila and Kieran Hawe

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