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Bamboo Chopsticks



Bamboo chopsticks are the most used utensil in the world (even more than the spork). These are created from organic sources and finished to a soft smooth feel. Chopsticks aren't just for eating Chinese food. Lightweight and sturdy, these go anywhere! 

They wash off easily, travel well, and can be used over and over again.

  • 10" long 
  • Be sure to practice proper chopstick etiquette
  • Can be used as a hair tie but not to be used as a pointing device  

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About the manufacturer


Created for people and planet and founded in 2003, bambu® is recognized as the first eco-conscious brand in the housewares and hospitality industries. bambu creates beautiful and natural products for cooking, serving and entertaining made only with sustainable, and renewable materials and responsible business practices. bambu designs for people who appreciate quality, design, simplicity, and natural beauty in their products.

bambu has earned international design recognition from International Design magazine, Fortune magazine, and is a featured brand in Ecological Design, 1001 Eco Designs, and The Sustainable Design Book.